5 Tips for Turning Your Family Room into Gaming Central

A laid-back family room that’s ideal for all kinds of gaming not only creates a welcoming and comfortable space – it will be the go-to spot for friends and family to gather and enjoy time together. Whether you already have a theme in mind, or need help to start from scratch, here are some tips for making the most of your family gaming room:

#1: Comfort is Key

Create a comfortable gaming space that your family and friends won’t want to leave! Make sure there’s enough seating for everyone to accommodate both a comfy gaming area by the entertainment center and separate seating and tables for playing board games and cards. A long table behind the couch is great for additional space for drinks and snacks.

#2: Low-Key, Hi-Tech

Building an entertainment center or shelving wall with all of the storage you need is a great way to tuck away all of your cords, gaming systems and other electronics to create a low-key vibe, even amongst all of the hi-tech! Choose cabinet doors and shelving that fit your personal style, whether you’re going for a modern, streamlined or a transitional style gaming room, and also fits all your technology – then show off your new space!

#3: Stylish, Practical Design Choices

You want your design to be comfortable, but you also want to make stylish, practical choices. Ottomans are great for kicking your feet up and also tucking away bulky blankets. Built-in bars and bar style tables and seating are practical choices that will also heighten your design. How about what’s under your toes? If you have hardwood, area rugs are perfect for adding style and practicality to your space. These are just the beginning of all the stylish, practical choices you could make for your family room’s furniture and design!

#4: Go with the Flow

Depending on the shape, size and layout of your family room space, there are so many ways to plan your design! Go with flow of your space by figuring out the best placement for your electronics and furniture. For your entertainment center, choose a wall that doesn’t bring in light that will create glare on the screen, and that’s also large enough to tuck away all of your electronics. Then make sure that your seating and tables are convenient for your family and guests, but not interfering with walking paths or sightlines.

#5: Don’t forget lighting!

Mix colorful neon track lighting with floor lamps and overhead lighting to create a space that can transition easily from daytime board game playing to the perfect zone for all-night gaming. Already excited to get started on your design?? So are we! Stop in and our in-store designers will be happy to provide their free design services to get you started on the ultimate family gaming room for your home!

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