The only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces.

As a family-owned company, National Design Mart understands the value of family legacy. When a company is part of your family’s history, you take great care in assuring its quality. That’s why we’re proud to offer Cambria quartz countertops to our Northeast Ohio customers. 

Cambria countertops are available in hundreds of striking designs. Whether you are looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, you are sure to find a high-quality countertop design with beautiful touches that are just right for your home.

Inspiration awaits you with more than 130 Cambria designs that can transform your bathroom or kitchen into your dream bathroom or dream kitchen. Cambria has now introduced seven NEW quartz countertop designs in their Coastal, Desert, and Marble Collections.

Shop National Design Mart to see and feel Cambria’s many exquisite designs and beautiful surfaces. Cambria is 93% pure, natural quartz – one of the earth’s hardest minerals – resulting in durability, and easy-care convenience for life.

Beautiful Quartz Countertops

How often are functional objects as beautiful as Cambria quartz? With Cambria, you get both style and substance.

When you shop Cambria natural quartz countertops at National Design Mart, you’re choosing from the most beautiful, high-quality quartz available. Our showroom has over 130 Cambria designs for you to choose from, with the help of our expert interior designers.

Cambria sources their quartz from mines that they own. This means every Cambria design is guaranteed to reflect stunning, unique features that you won’t find in other countertops. Take Cambria Ellesmere: white, winding rivers and touches of earthy red. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Your bathroom and kitchen design will shine with the unique features of Cambria quartz.

Many Colors and Patterns of Cambria® Quartz

Plush Carpet and Texture Carpet
Frieze Carpet and Twist Carpet
Pattern Carpet and Loop Carpet

Kitchen Strength and Safety

Granite and marble are hard, but quartz countertops are harder. Choose Cambria for your kitchen remodel, and you won’t have to worry about scratching, chipping, or staining.

Unlike granite and marble, quartz does not require frequent sealing and polishing to stay looking like new. All you will have to do to keep your quartz looking fresh is wipe down your kitchen countertops with a little warm water and mild soap.

Keep your family safe and healthy with Cambria countertops. Cambria is nonporous and nonabsorbent, so it won’t take in moisture from raw food or leftovers, which can harbor harmful bacteria. Cambria is NSF 51 certified safe for use as a food preparation surface.

American-Made, Family-Owned

As a family-owned company, Cambria holds uncompromising quality as their top priority, from the first step in production to the moment your new countertops are installed.

Cambria checks and rechecks the quality of their quartz at every step of the manufacturing and fabrication process to make sure their countertops live up to high standards.

You can choose Cambria confidently knowing they offer a full lifetime warranty.

Cambria Natural Quartz: a Sustainable Choice

At National Design Mart, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility when it comes to the products we choose for our showroom. We are proud to offer Cambria, an environmentally responsible brand of quartz countertops.

Cambria recycles all of their metal tooling and every drop of water used in polishing. Their quartz mine runs on full hydroelectric power, reducing the size of their footprint.

Cambria uses a Declare label to disclose details about their product. Their transparency allows customers to understand exactly what they are buying when they purchase Cambria countertops.

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