Teragren Flooring

Get durability and sustainability coupled with unique, eye-catching looks for your space – choose from National Design Mart’s selection of bamboo flooring, panels, and veneer from Teragren! 

Built to last, Teragren offers quality bamboo that is harder than red oak and due to the fast-growing nature of bamboo, this product is considered a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood flooring. Learn more about Teragren’s selection of residential and commercial grade bamboo plank flooring, panels and veneer, in a wide range of widths and grains.

Xcora Bamboo Flooring

Teragren Xcora Strand is the hardest hardwood you can get for your home or business! Xcora strand bamboo flooring averages 160% harder than red oak. Perfect for residential and commercial settings, these bamboo floors offer hardness, durability and stability. They are perfect for high-traffic areas and will look great for many years! Xcora Strand is available In ultra-wide, wide and narrow plank options to complete every look. Pictured is Xcora narrow planks in the color Wheat.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

PureForm Bamboo Flooring

Teragren’s original bamboo hardwood flooring style, known as the PureForm traditional, is a very popular choice for families and offices alike. Solid PureForm Bamboo averages 40% harder than red oak – so you can enjoy your great looking flooring upgrade for years to come. Available in engineered and solid traditional ultra-wide planks, plus solid traditional wide and narrow planks. Pictured is PureForm Solid Traditional ultra wide bamboo planks in Crossfield.

Strand Bamboo Panels & Veneer

Strand bamboo panels and veneer from Teragren are ideal for any interior use where hardwood may traditionally be used. Common uses include cabinetry, reception areas, wall treatments, furniture and more. Xcora strand panels and veneer feature a selection of colors along with a hardwood look-alike grain pattern. These strand bamboo products are a preferred substitute to hardwood plywood for many reasons, including increased durability, lower environmental impact and more unique and refined styles to choose from.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

Easy Maintenance & Care

Since Bamboo flooring has a factory applied polyurethane surface, dust and household allergens can be easily removed. However, grit and dust left on the floor long term can be abrasive to the finish. Frequent dust mopping will help remove grit that can scratch your floors. Maintenance should include regular vacuuming with a canister vacuum and a soft brush attachment.

National Design Mart offers unbeatable performance and great prices on bamboo flooring and strand bamboo products from Teragren. Choose the bamboo flooring look you love, or add a bamboo accent wall – our designers are here to answer your questions and get your project going with free in-store design services. Learn more about Teragren, then see you in our showroom!


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