As the leaves change colors in Northeast Ohio, it’s undoubtedly a beautiful sight. You can change your home’s colors for a new look this season, too! Liven up your whole space or add a splash of color to an area in your home, there are so many ways to use color to show your style and personality. We love how these homeowners and designers mixed it up with color in these spaces:

Outside of the Box

This marigold and teal color combo is lively and unique. Think outside of the box when it comes to where you add color in your home design! The inside color of these cabinets and patterned wallpaper infuse this kitchen with happiness and style.

Green Rooms

From emerald green seating to green home accent colors, this color adds drama and depth to any space. Paired with neutrals, it’s sure to give that perfect pop of color you’re looking for.

Hello Yellow

Mellow yellow or bold a bright, this color offers a wide range of looks in modern to traditional style homes. We love this bright yellow door idea–paint is easy and gives your home an instantly new look. Or choose a pop of yellow for your pillows, chairs and other home decor.

Rhythm & Blues

Add rhythm and blues to your home this season with blue accent colors—blue looks great on cabinets, makes a great paint color choice, and gives your space added color in a chill, laid-back way that still makes a statement.


If you think black walls are a no-go, keep an open mind! Black creates a super sleek look if it’s reserved for just one wall. Keep the rest of the room light colors to balance out your design.

Pretty Purple

Purple is a rich, thoughtful color that style and depth to any room–whether you’re adventurous enough to layer colors or just want some simple pops of color in your home. Shades of purple are a huge favorite, especially with Ultra Violet as the 2018 Pantone Color of the year.

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