Shopping for new cabinets? Stick to your budget and get the beautiful, affordable options you deserve.

Here are some things to consider:

Prefab Costs Less Than Custom

If you have a generic shaped kitchen, prefabricated cabinet options work well since your project doesn’t need a lot of modification. Generally the less expensive option, these are a great option for first-time homebuyers and available in a variety of colors and styles to complement your space. However, if you do have a unique kitchen with unusual sizes and angles, or want to add more features, custom cabinetry may be the way to go. Don’t worry – opting out of custom layouts isn’t the only way to save on cabinets.

Pictured: Beautiful prefabricated JSI Designer Collection cabinets in Trenton are practically priced.


More Cabinet Doors than Drawers

Full-extension drawers, sliding shelves, and custom drawers and pullouts add convenience to cabinets – but also bring up their cost. Opt for more doors than drawers to save. You can still create a beautiful space that provides practical storage without all of the bells and whistles like built-in pantries, trash bins, small appliances and more. Although it’s awesome to have these built-in features, there are plenty of other places these items can live!

Pictured: This lovely Metro cabinet door design from Omega in Truffle and Lagoon offer clean lines and subtle style.


Customize Less – or Later

In addtion to less drawer customization, the fewer details you choose for your cabinets, the less you’ll pay. From glass door fronts and crown molding to decorative legs, matching end panels and corbels, these features look great but are more costly options. Choose simple designs to save on costs – these options still offer versatile beauty in any space.

Another customization option that can quickly add to costs is decorative drawer pulls and knobs. Save money on your upfront cabinet installation costs by choosing to upgrade these later.

Pictured: Personalized knobs like on these Omega maple cabinets can come later to save on upfront costs.


Compare Styles & Materials

Before you shop for cabinets you’ll probably have a specific door style in mind. Make sure you consider all of the options before making your decision, though. Cabinet styles that feature raised panel and inset door styles are generally more pricey than options with slab door fronts. With a versatile modern or contemporary look, Shaker or slab-style cabinet doors are a great choice for homeowners looking to save money.

Also, compare material options for your best look and price when cabinet shopping. Oak options tend to be affordable, whereas hickory and maple are more expensive. Less costly than wood, laminate cabinets are a popular choice – they look great and save money.

Pictured: Echelon Cabinetry’s Trevino Slab is budget-conscious without sacrificing style.


Choose 3-4 cabinet styles that you like and compare the savings and advantages of each. Our in-store designers are here to help you choose the best options for your home and your budget!

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