4 Most Popular Granite Colors

White, Soft White, & Flecked White Granite Kitchen Countertops

Variations of white colored countertops are often the most common and desired finished. White countertops can be found in every type of material, from granite slab to manmade quartz, to veined marble—all of which can be found at National Design Mart.

What makes variations on white the go-to finish color for so many kitchen counters? For starters, white blends into just about every decor. The surface is bright and clean and adds a certain lightness to your kitchen space while sacrificing nothing in terms of sophistication.

White is also a traditional choice. It’s incorporated into countless designs, allowing you a nearly endless list of options for accompanying cabinets, fixtures, wall colors, hardware, and flooring. No matter what your style, white granite, quartz, and marble countertops make everything next to them pop. White based counters allow you a range of design freedom other counters may not.

Finally, picking a white-based countertop that has subtle flecking or color ticking, can add interest without introducing dominant or disruptive color changes to your kitchen’s color palette. Conversely, picking a white base countertop that has more intense color veining, ticking, flecking, and veining actually highlights said color more than picking a slab that is entirely composed of it.

Mid-tone, Earth-tone and Gray Kitchen Countertops

If you want a truly neutral countertop color, consider a stone kitchen countertop in a gray, earthy base tone.

Gray does not mean boring. Far from it. Gray countertops come in granite, quartz, and marble, and—much like white countertops—offer an incredible array of color incorporation through veining, flecking, and ticking. If you’ve already picked out a color for your cabinets, tile, or flooring, then opting for a gray tone based in your countertops with hints and flecks of your existing color choices is a great way to tie the entire space together. Gray countertops are also an excellent option for individuals who want to change their countertops but keep their existing kitchen design.

Gray, beige, “greige” and other earth tones countertops make an excellent companion to a more colorful kitchen. Colorful cabinet choices like blue and red often flourish because of a more neutral counter, and vice versa. Lighter gray tones can feel more “warm” than white, which can sometimes feel stark and sterile, even cold.

One final consideration is how well gray pairs with metallic elements. Often gray has a way of highlighting golds, slivers, and chrome in a fashion that other colors may over intesnsify, or subtract from. If the design of your space uses a lot of polished metallic elements, consider a gray countertop.

Dark, Onyx, and Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Want your kitchen to feel bigger, bolder, and more luxurious? Consider a dark kitchen countertop.

Dark kitchen countertops offer a dramatic impact, and polishing their surfaces can add depth to lighting elements.

Dark black based countertops often come flecked with metallic elements, like gold and silver. These color pops can make looking at your countertops feel like you’re staring into the night sky. Indeed, that’s why one common black based granite countertop variety is named, “galaxy.”

Dark countertops offer a strong contrast option, especially if you have white cabinetry. However, if you want the ultimate countertop contrast play, consider pairing a white countertop slab with a dark one. A dark island with white galley cabinets, or vice versa.

Alternatively, dark on dark can be quite spectacular. Dark counters blend with a surprising number of wood tones. In fact, a rich, dark countertop pairs with dark woods, flooring, and backsplashes for and ultra-lux effect. Add in splashes of polished gold and your guests will always suspect you paid more than you did!

Exotic Marble and Granite Countertops

National Design Mart offers the areas largest selection of stone countertops, including what we refer to as “exotics.”

Exotic countertops are Granite and Marble countertops that are so unique they could hang on your wall just as easily as they could be featured as your kitchen island.

What makes a countertop exotic? It’s all about the slab.

Exotic granite and marble countertops have very little, if any, patterning to them and offer a rich, vivid color scale through dynamic veining, flecking, and ticking. Exotic countertops often have large bursts of pinks, greens, reds, yellows, and other less neutral colors. They are striking reminders of just how much of an artist mother nature is.

Exotic countertops should be chosen with the intention to highlight them in your space. While other countertops may blend seamless—even when joined by a seam—exotic countertops are more constraining. They are natural works of art so you’ll want to keep joints and seams to a minimum.

Consider an exotic countertop for a large island top or side and waterfall edge. Do not consider an exotic countertop for a smaller kitchen, or if your kitchen counter layout will require multiple seams.

Because of the variety of coloring in an exotic, it’s wise to be sure that they’ll coordinate with other colors in your home before purchasing. For this reason, it’s suggested that you pick your exotic slab before you pick other colors. If your other colors are neutral, however, then enjoy the grandeur of our exotic stone selection as you search for the perfect stone countertop.


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