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Looking for interior design services from a professional interior designer? National Design Mart has what you need. Our experts help with your design project at no cost.

Expert Designers

If you’ve been to National Design Mart, you know it’s more than just your average home supply store. You may have enjoyed a coffee or tea from our Café, or dropped the kids off to make crafts with our caretakers in the Kids’ Kingdom. Shopping at National Design Mart is an experience.

One of the best parts of shopping at National Design Mart is free assistance from our expert, accredited interior designers.

At no cost at all, you can get thoughtful advice and interior design services from our expert designers for any home or commercial project. They’ll help you develop a room layout, choose paint colors, narrow down kitchen tile options, or discover your personal style.

From the broadest elements to the tiniest details, our interior designers are here for you.

From Pets to Posh

Where to Begin

Creating a space that is inviting, functional, budget-friendly, and true to your personal style can be quite a challenge. You could spend hours just scrolling through catalogs of tiles, carpets, cabinetry, and countertops, waiting to find the right fit.

It’s difficult to be sure that every element of your space will work in harmony. Will the kitchen tiles match the cabinets? Will the paint color in the dining room look flattering against the new carpet?
Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone! An interior design expert from National Design Mart can walk you through every step of the room design process.

These interior design experts have plenty of experience in designing successful spaces. All you have to do is tell them what you want, and they will guide you toward your goals with years of experience informing their advice.

Commercial and Residential Design

Our designers can help you plan both home projects and commercial spaces.


With the right design elements, your office or retail space can go beyond average to impress employees, clients, and customers. Our designers understand these elements and know how they work together. Bring together their expertise and your understanding of your needs and style, and you can create a space that is functional, tasteful, and well-executed.


If you’re looking to redesign or liven up your home, our designers will be ready with suggestions, advice, and solutions to your problems. We want to make sure you live in a home that feels welcoming, practical, and your own.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

From Full Reno to Freshen-Up

Whether your project is more complicated like a full kitchen renovation, or as straightforward as picking out new carpet for your family room, our designers are at your service.

If you need help with a color palette, our designers will use their expertise to make sure the colors you use work well together and in your unique space.

If your living room is starting to feel stale, an expert from National Design Mart can help you give it new life! Discover a fresh new paint color that still goes with your furniture, or redesigns the layout of a room around one new focal point.

At National Design Mart, all you have to do is ask, and you’ll be connected with a designer for advice on:

  • Narrowing down your perfect personal style
  • Laying out floor plans
  • Space planning
  • Picking materials for your design project
  • Planning the layout of a room
  • Designing kitchens and cabinets
  • DIY projects big and small

Family Owned Values

As a family-owned business, we’ve always valued the entire experience of National Design Mart customers. When you make a purchase, we want you to feel comfortable and confident introducing it into your space.

With the help of our interior design services, you can go home knowing your design plans will unfold smoothly.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

Custom Designs for Your Style

At National Design Mart, you won’t end up with a space that looks just like the rest. You’re not like anyone else, and we know your design style and preferences won’t be either.

If you’ve got Pinterest boards full of design project inspiration, our designers want to see them! They know that your space should be a representation of who you are and what you enjoy—not just a house full of the biggest trends or the easiest color schemes.

Not sure what kind of look you’re going for? That’s okay. Designers at National Design Mart can also help you narrow down or uncover what styles of design elements suit both your taste and your needs.

They will walk with you through our aisles while you gather inspiration. Then, once the designer you’re working with gets a feel for what you like, they will make suggestions on bringing it all together into one cohesive final design.

Interior Design for Your Real Life

What works well in one space might not necessarily work at all in the next. Though we all love to pull inspiration from bloggers and home design magazines, these ideas aren’t carefully planned out in relation to our floor plan, natural lighting, or lifestyle. Trying to translate these concepts and ideas into our real homes or commercial spaces can be frustrating.

When you work with an interior designer from National Design Mart, the suggestions and ideas you’ll get will be tailored specifically to you. Our designers won’t suggest a giant sectional if you have small spaces, or open shelving in the kitchen if you’d rather not worry about organization.

Our designers can even enter the dimensions of your room into our software to create a digital layout, so you can preview your space and experiment with options.

At National Design Mart, designers will consider your lifestyle and the details of your space to make sure your design project is not only stunning, but also achievable and functional.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

Meet Your Designer

With aisles and aisles of tile, carpet, cabinetry, countertops, and home furnishings at National Design Mart, you might want a little help navigating the terrain.

Luckily, we’ve got just the folks for the job. Let our expert and accredited interior designers be your guide, from the creative planning stages and shopping and decision making to the final design details of your project.

Make an appointment with an expert designer, and take the first step toward the home or commercial space you’ve always dreamed about.

Experience your personal style, carried out to a tee by an expert interior designer at National Design Mart.
Schedule a Free Consultation!

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