Interested in planning a DIY home update this season? Start with the foundation of your home design – your floors! Changing up the look of your flooring or going for that update you’ve been thinking about for a while now can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your space – not to mention its functionality! These are some of the DIY floorings trends that we’re loving in 2020, and don’t expect to see going anywhere. Learn more about each and determine which will have you loving your floors for years to come!

1. Wood- and Stone-Looks

Renovating on a budget? No problem! Vinyl and laminate flooring manufacturers now have more realistic wood- and stone-look designs on the market than ever before. With advances in imaging and printing technologies, you can get the look of authentic wood or stone for only a fraction of the cost. Choose from options that resemble hand-scraped hardwood, multi-width planks, ceramic and natural stone designs, and more. There’s a look for practically every style of space! Plus, with click and lock technology and more easy to install options, wood- and stone-look vinyl and laminate is a great solution for DIYers.

2. High-Variation Coloring

While light and airy colors of hardwood and wood-look flooring are still big in 2020 – think shades of gray and blonde – homeowners are also loving the versatility of high-variation colored flooring. These options blend lighter and darker natural hues within the color pattern of each plank to form a statement-making, attractive design. High-variation, or multi-tonal, flooring features a natural contrast that is not only eye-catching, but also allows you to coordinate your color scheme with many features in your space, from your wall color to furniture choices, making for a beautifully blended final design.

3. Creative Layouts

When we think of plank flooring, often the first thing that comes to mind is traditional linear layouts. However, many homeowners are getting more creative with their installation of hard-surface flooring – and manufacturers are also coming out with more options, as well. Multi-width and multi-length planks are a very popular choice right now that allow you to add some depth to your flooring design. Also, while chevron and herringbone designs are nothing new when it comes to flooring, modern and easy-to-install vinyl and laminate flooring products are making their installation more simple than ever. Have an idea in mind for your space? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box – from mixing materials to unique layouts, a little creativity goes a long way with DIY flooring installation.

4. Textured Flooring

While we already talked about the modern advancements in vinyl and laminate technologies leading to more realistic wood- and tile-look designs than ever before, the same goes for flooring featuring realistic textures. You don’t have to invest in genuine hand-scraped hardwood flooring to get the dramatic texture you love. From hand-scraped looks to distressed, wire brushed, reclaimed and more, vinyl and laminate flooring can offer the trendy, textured look you want to incorporate in your home design.

5. Waterproof Flooring

While water resistant vinyl and laminate flooring options have been available for years, new waterproof core technology has enabled the production of flooring that’s 100% waterproof. Not only is waterproof flooring a great choice for areas prone to moisture like kitchens and baths, it is also an ideal choice for homes with pets and little ones. Spills and accidents are easy to clean up, plus this type of flooring is also resistant to scratches and scuffs. Perfect for high traffic areas! With high performance combined with great looking styles, waterproof flooring is a top DIY flooring choice that helps keep maintenance and replacement costs low.

There are so many DIY flooring trends to love in 2020! What’s your favorite? Contact us today to ask any product questions you have or to get started!

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