The interior design industry has seen its fair share of home DIY looks that come and go. While some of these are more praiseworthy than others, it’s always worth noting which become lasting trends, and which don’t fully take root. See some of the trends we’ve seen prevail in recent years, and expect to see stick around!

1. Geometric Tiles

From backsplashes to statement-making flooring, geometric tiles have risen in popularity over the years and the top brands in the industry have met consumer demands by offering more eye-catching and bold options than ever. We’re here for it! Choose from elongated hexagonal shapes, diamond, geometric mosaics and more. Where can you envision geometric tile making an appearance in your home?

2. Sustainable Design

Whether it’s sustainable carpet choices, like organic cotton, wool and more; hard surface flooring, or up-cycled decor and furniture choices – more and more people are leaning towards sustainable design with their interior DIY projects. Get inspired by these up-cycled furniture ideas to find great ways to make the most out what you might already have laying around. Then stop in to browse our showroom to find the sustainable flooring product you love!

3. Earth Tones

Warm earth tones are taking hold of color palettes and pushing cool tones to the side. Think shades of yellow, olive green, terra cotta, brown and beyond if you want to plan a color scheme for your next DIY project that keeps up with current trends. Whether your painting walls or picking out furniture or accent pieces, our free interior design services will help you plan a design that works for your space!

4. Multi-Functional Spaces

Have a home office or a dedicated guest room that is underused? Get the most out of your home’s square footage by creating a multi-functional space that serves a variety of purposes. From extra closet space to a less-formal office that can also be used for practicing yoga, don’t confine every space in your home to just one purpose! Have any ideas brewing for a room that could be transformed to accommodate multiple uses?

5. Color Pop Cabinets

With many home owners moving away from the all-white kitchen trend in favor of colorful contrast and bold cabinet design, it’s no wonder why color pop cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens. Whether you choose one or several elements, like wall cabinets, base cabinets and island, eye-catching tones like navy blue, yellow, and beyond can make the design impact you want.

6. Unique Area Rugs

Adding a unique area rug to a space can elevate its look in seconds. Say goodbye to the days of limited choices for area rug colors and designs – manufacturers in recent years have expanded their product variety to offer something that truly matches every design. Stop in to see what all our extensive collection has to offer for your home – pictured is a rug in our showroom that’s a replica of the one that was in the White House when Kennedy was in office!

What DIY interior design trend are you loving the most? Our educated sales professionals and interior designers at National Design Mart are here to help you make the selection you love for years to come – stop in today!

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