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With advances in technology, vinyl flooring has come a long way to offer the performance and the aesthetics you want. Luxury vinyl is available in plank and tile formats, with wood-, tile- and stone-looks that can be easily mistaken for the real thing – for a budget-friendly price! Vinyl flooring is also available in sheet format, which is an easy to install option. Vinyl flooring options that boast great performance, including waterproof, water-resistant, dent-resistant and more.



Laminate flooring, like vinyl flooring, comes in a wide variety of wood-, tile- and stone-looks and is composed of multiple layers, including a wear layer, image layer, core layer, and backing layer. With laminate flooring, the core layer is typically made of compressed high-density fiberboard, whereas in vinyl flooring this layer is made with Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). Choose from a versatile selection of plank and tile laminate flooring from the industry’s top manufacturers – options include scratch-resistant laminate, waterproof laminate and more.



A timeless flooring choice that can add value to your home, hardwood flooring is available in solid and engineered options. Both of these types of hardwood flooring has its benefits, including the ability to regularly refinish solid hardwood and engineered hardwood’s resistance to moisture. With a variety of domestic and exotic wood species to choose from, finishes, textures, colors and more, you are sure to find the hardwood flooring to match the design of your space.



Available in plush, texture, berber, pattern and frieze (twist) carpet options, carpet flooring adds comfort and great looks to your home. These carpet types are offered in many styles and materials, including eco-friendly materials like wool, organic cotton, and P.E.T. berber carpet. Plus, with innovative features like stain-resistance and odor-resistance which are kid- and pet-friendly, carpet is well-suited for many spaces.


Laundry Room Flooring

Waterproof flooring is the way to go for laundry rooms and other wet areas. With porcelain tile being the most non-porous of all of the natural and ceramic tile materials, it is an ideal choice for wet areas. Additionally, waterproof vinyl and laminate are great choices that are designed to offer the eye-catching design you want with the resistance you need.


Like with kitchens, bathroom flooring needs to hold up to water and make for easy maintenance. Fluctuating humidity levels and temperatures are another factor to consider when choosing bathroom flooring. Ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl tile are all great options for bathroom flooring. If you prefer the look of hardwood over tile, waterproof vinyl and laminate planks can provide authentic looking designs backed with the performance you need for your bathroom to ensure your floors stay looking great for years to come.


The flooring you choose for the main living areas of your home, including living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms, depends on the performance needs and demands of your individual household. Have pets or little ones in your home? You can still opt for carpet and get the comfort you want under your feet while keeping it spotless with carpet options that are spill, pet mess and odor resistant. Or heighten the style of your home with rich hardwood – from affordable vinyl and laminate plank options to the real thing, your flooring choice for living areas in your home are only as limited as your imagination!


With the nature of basements being built on a concrete slab, and many of them with uneven subfloors and prone to moisture or flooding, you need to take several factors into account for choosing basement flooring. There is no one-size-fits-all for basements, and the flooring you ultimately choose will depend on the characteristics of your basement as well as your intended use(s) for the space. Many of the flooring options we’ve already discussed, like sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, engineered hardwood, and carpet, could work great for your basement – with some requiring less prep work and easier installation than others. That being said, solid hardwood and laminate flooring should be avoided in basements due to their inability to hold up well in this environment.


Not all kitchens are the same – but the need for durable and resistant flooring applies to every homeowner’s kitchen! Ceramic or porcelain tile is a go-to choice for many. With a vast array of styles, shapes and sizes available, you can easily coordinate your look with your floors whether you’re starting from scratch with your kitchen design or are replacing existing flooring.

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, vinyl tile also offers the versatile looks of ceramic tile and great performance, including water resistance and easy clean up. Leaning towards hardwood flooring for your kitchen? Engineered hardwood can offer the look you want but with greater water resistance and stability than solid hardwood so is another great option to consider.


High traffic areas in our home are more prone to general wear and tear than other areas, including scratches, scuffs, dents, and dirt buildup. For this reason, you want to ensure that your flooring choice is designed to endure and allows for simple maintenance to reduce the need to spend extra time on keeping flooring in high traffic areas looking great. If you want carpet in a space that gets a lot of traffic, you don’t have to shy away but choosing a darker color can help reduce the appearance of dirt buildup between cleanings. If hard surface flooring is what you’re envisioning, tile, vinyl plank and tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring are all great options, but your final choice depends on the individual demands of your space.

Entryways & Outdoors 


For outdoor areas, like patios, porches and beyond, you need flooring that is able to handle the elements, fluctuating temperatures, and general wear and tear. While installing tile is a go-to for many homeowners, not all tile is equally suited for outdoor use. Porcelain tile is not only non-porous and fade-resistant, it’s an extremely durable choice. Natural stone and ceramic tiles with a greater than 5% porosity are more susceptible to cracking, especially in regions where frequent rainfall or snowfall followed by freezing and thawing are a concern.


Make a great impression on guests while reducing maintenance and replacement costs with entryway flooring that fits the performance needs of your home. While floor mats help to stop dirty footprints before they make their way into your home, they can only do so much to protect your entryway flooring! Waterproof flooring, like vinyl and laminate choices, are great for entryways, easy to clean and a great choice if you’re on a budget. Hardwood and tile flooring can also provide the style and the function you’re looking for. 

Think vinyl flooring could be the right choice for your space? Whether you have a type or style in mind, or want to learn more about the available products before you make a choice, our experts are here to help! From free in-store design planning and in-home measures to quality installation services, National Design Mart will ensure your new vinyl flooring project is hassle-free and that you’re happy with your new floors.

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