Shop National Design Mart for eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo flooring. The lustrous beauty and durability of strand bamboo rivals hardwood!

Bamboo flooring is an attractive solution that is strong, easy to maintain, and looks beautiful in many shades.

Because bamboo flooring is relatively new on the scene, it’s helpful to understand the basics:

  • Regular Bamboo is made from several species of bamboo. The shoots are harvested, cut into strips then formed into planks.
  • Stranded Bamboo is made from fibers instead of strips. The fibers, reconstituted into planks, are sanded and coated with finish to make them strong and resilient – more durable than oak!
  • Eco-Friendliness is important to many customers. Bamboo is a highly renewable plant, replenishing itself much faster than traditional flooring hardwoods.
  • Moisture resistant – especially stranded – adds longevity and value to your flooring.

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