Get ready for this year’s Super Bowl LII party with these game night must-have’s:

Comfy Seating

Before you invite the gang over, make sure you’ll have a comfortable place to watch the game.

This seems like a no-brainer, but take into account everyone you invited (plus who they might bring) to plan in advance how much seating (and snacks) you’ll need. If you have a sectional, they’re great for getting the most out of your living room space, especially if you bring in extra end tables for guests to use.

Pour Zone

Have a designated spot for all of the drinks and mixers, plus glasses, ice and more, so that guests have what they need in one place.

Keeping this separate from your snacks and food not only saves on space, it saves on cleanup time. Bottles on a coffee table, where there will potentially be a lot of cheering, is never a good idea!

Off-Limits Chair

After you make sure your guests are comfortable, you need a spot that’s all yours to enjoy the game.

From “His” and “Hers” recliners to the ones referred to as “grandpa’s spot,” we all know what we mean when we refer to it as an “off-limits chair.” It’s time you get your own!

Spill-Proof Floors

Your friends aren’t perfect – Something is bound to spill. Make sure your flooring is prepared.

Laminate and hardwood are great for easy cleanup of food and beverage spills. If you prefer more cushion under your toes, from salsa to wine, Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean holds up to whatever game night throws at it.

Don’t Miss a Point

You know the basics… a big screen TV, tasty snacks and drinks, and a good time will define the night.

So when friends and family come back to the kitchen for seconds and refills, make sure they don’t miss a touchdown. Large kitchen islands with stool seating are great for keeping your space’s sightlines open so they can snack more, while still being a part of the living room’s action. A popular choice that come in a range of stylish designs, they feel more like furniture than cabinets, helping to tie together your kitchen and living room as one gathering zone.

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