Ready to design the kitchen of your dreams? Setting aside the time to plan your project will help you determine an accurate budget and then follow through accordingly – without any unexpected issues popping up during the construction or down the road! Before you get too ahead of yourself, make sure you take into consideration these smart kitchen design tips:

1. Have a Clear Plan

If you have a mini-kitchen reno project in mind, make sure you know the footprint of your kitchen and space contraints before you make your purchases. The last thing you want to do is bring home a new refrigerator that doesn’t fit! For a larger scale project, especially you’re changing the layout of your kitchen, having a contractor come out to help you determine if that wall you are deadset on knocking down is load bearing, if you need any building permits and so on will help prevent unforeseen costs.

2. Choose Functional Design

Even though aesthetics and budget are important, choosing products for your new kitchen design that best serve the needs of your home is key. Have a chef in the house? Laminate or wood countertops might be a less expensive option which still look great, but they might not cut it in a busy kitchen. Instead opt for a more durable surface that is also heat and stain resistant, like quartz. Also, you might be drawn to the look of hardwood, but around sinks and appliances it may wear quicker than other choices like stone and ceramic tile.

3. Lighting is Key

Don’t forget about the fixtures! Updating your lighting look can go a long way for the overall design of your kitchen. While your current kitchen might only feature overhead lighting, this one source can be insufficient and cast harsh shadows that take away from your design. Consider adding under-cabinet lights to help illuminte your countertop space and provide necessary task lighting when you’re hard at work on your next meal. Plus, accent lighting like pendants can draw your eye to design features like bars and islands and be the perfect addition.

4. Keep Storage in Mind

From drawer to cabinet choices, choose a kitchen design that maximizes your storage space. Take into consideration all of the items that you would want to tuck away before you make any product choices. Deep drawers and cabinets with room for all your utensils, pots and pans, plus separate spaces for your trash bins and pantry items are smart ways to ensure an organized, uncluttered final look once your project is completed. The last thing you want is to realize there’s not enough storage once the construction is already completed!

5. Family-Friendly Design

When planning a new kitchen layout or redesigning, make sure safety is taken into consideration. Keep the cooktop out of traffic areas to prevent any accidents. Adding a magnetic knife strip on the backsplash looks great and helps keep little ones out of reach. Also consider elements like rounded corners on countertops and slip-resistant flooring. To ensure family members aren’t running over eachother in the kitchen, choose a refrigerator placement that makes it accessible to both passersby and those working in all areas of the kitchen.

Have some ideas in mind for your new kitchen? Come into National Design Mart and our in-store designers will help you plan your kitchen design and create a 3D rendering, or contact us today for a free in-home measure!


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