Mother’s Day is right around the corner – what are you planning this year? If you aren’t sure what present to pick up before Sunday, May 13th, we have some ideas! If your mom is a fan of interior design, check out some of these ideas that will not only have her home looking instantly more stylish, but will give your mom the gift she really needs – rest and relaxation!

Bedroom Set: NDM

Sleeping Mask: Etsy

The Gift of Quality ZZZZs

Give mom the gift of sleep with beautiful new bedding! Find the perfect bed along with top quality bedding to reflect your mom’s style. From sheets to comforters, quilts and duvets, the styles range from sophisticated and luxurious to cool and contemporary. We love this pretty creme and white set! Plus, to help Mom fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep, don’t forget to pick up a cute sleeping mask!


Massage Chairs: NDM

Spa Day, Any Day
Show mom that she deserves a little R&R and pick up a CoreNine Massage Chair! Its 3D deep tissue massage technology replicates a professional massage with a wide range of motion, speed and intensity. Featuring a robotic SJ back track that follows the natural curve and contours of the neck, spine and upper buttocks, this chair helps alleviate back and gluteus muscle pain, sciatica, and stiff, sore legs. Top it off with a scented candle to help set the atmosphere for relaxation!
Cozy Time

Who doesn’t love pillows? Give mom the gift of comfort and style with pretty new pillows and throws for her living spaces! Available in a variety of textures, colors and styles, you’re sure to find some that complement your mom’s unique style. Then pick out a book you know your mom will enjoy so that she can have the ultimate couch cozy time!


Decor: NDM

Oil Diffuser: doTERRA Petal Diffuser

Pretty Surroundings

Liven up Mom’s home with decor that you know she’ll love! From wall hangings, canvases and mirrors to glass jars and all kinds of unique decor options, there are so many ways you can help beautify her home. The only thing better than a home that looks great is a home that looks and smells fabulous. Forget about all the bulky options and plugins and opt for a sleek essential oil diffuser that purifies and humidifies the air while delivering therapeutic scents.

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