A bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a hassle or break your budget with unexpected costs. Follow these tips and be on your way to a No-Nonsense Bathroom Reno!

#1: Don’t Skip the Planning

Interior design is fun, and so is shopping for all of the materials and cute decor items to fill your bathroom – but buying whatever you like without having a plan in advance can leave your design less cohesive than it could be. Not having a solid design plan for your bathroom renovation could also end up costing more money, especially if you run into unplanned changes – either because of the limitations of your space, your budget, or what you have to work around. Our in-store design experts are here to help you plan your project – from the perfect color palette, products and 3D depiction to the finished renovation!

#2: Don’t Skip the Necessities 

Changing out a vanity, installing decorative shower tile and shelves and other projects can make your bathroom look great, but you want to make sure the important details are repaired or replaced first – like sound plumbing, leak-free faucets and a proper functioning shower – before you run into having to put money into these issues down the road. If you’re hiring a contractor to do the work, make sure they do an evaluation of your bathroom’s “necessities” like the plumbing, faucets, shower and toilet, before they go to work on the fun details, new flooring, or any other project.

#3: Don’t Skip the Permit

Depending on how much you’re remodeling your bathroom, find out in advance if the work requires a building permit. If you skip the permit and go straight to the redesign, you might have issues trying to sell your home in future. Unpermitted work means the home has baggage for the buyer, so these homes often end up selling cheaper than homes who got permits before completing work. All cities and counties are different but certain projects that affect public and personal safety, plumbing, electrical, and natural gas will require permits. For instance, moving a sink, as this entails running new plumbing supply and drain lines, might require a permit. 

#4: Don’t Skip the Details

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom for your family’s use or for resale, no matter how much you put into the big stuff, it won’t make the statement you want if you skip the details! From the simple addition of a fun shower curtain – even print your own design with Shutterfly – to changing out old hardware (pictured is Atlas Homewares), towel rods, and even replacing the mirror, there are so many creative ways to make your bathroom exactly the way you want it! 

From a mini-makeover to a complete bathroom remodel, our experts will help you find the products perfect for your project in our showroom and indoor slab room – while staying on budget! Have questions we could answer before you stop in? Contact us – or get straight to work and request a FREE, no obligation measure or measure for your next cabinet, countertop, or flooring project. 

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