10 Tips for Designing Small Spaces

Designing small spaces can be tricky, but creating an interior design haven and making your little abode feel more spacious at the same time is possible–and maybe easier than you think! Begin with these tips for making a space feel larger to get the most out of each room, then start planning and designing!

  1. Low-profile furniture will add scale and make your spaces seem taller. Furniture with clean lines and low-profile design also make the design feel more modern and streamlined. (Photo credit)


2. Choose a furniture layout that allows you to take advantage of all the natural sunlight that you can bring into your space and the room will instantly feel more open. (Photo credit)

3. A bright colored ceiling will help drive the eye upwards and make your ceiling appear higher while elevating the style of your space. (Photo credit)

4. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases and shelving also make your space seem taller. This extra shelving is great for small rooms, but make sure you leave some open spaces on shelves so that the space appears spacious and not cluttered. (Photo credit)

5. Incorporate mirrors into your room design. Their reflection makes the room feel larger and their stylish designs will complement your decor and help tie together the design of a small space.

6. A light and neutral color palette throughout the design is ideal for small spaces. When selecting rugs, pillows and other fabrics in the room, opt for a small print or solid color. (Photo credit)

7. De-cluttering is key! Create a modern, spacious feel with carefully curated decor and storage for hiding clutter. (Photo credit)

8. Create the illusion of a bigger space by paying close attention to furniture placement. Placing furniture at an angle or arranging pieces so that they are surrounded by open space will look more spacious than furniture up against your walls. (Photo credit)

9.  Lighting elements have a big impact on the look and feel of a small space. Overhead fixtures draw the eye to only one spot, choose instead to add several lamps and lighting elements to move the eye around a small room and make it feel more expansive. (Photo credit)

10. Wall-to-wall design elements that span the length of a room, like built-in desks in a small office or cabinets in the kitchen, will make the space feel lengthened. Plus, the added storage that these elements create are ideal for small spaces. (Photo credit)

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