Ceramic Tile Flooring and Accessories for Bathrooms

Bathroom Floor Ceramic Tiles

When you think of a bathroom, chances are you imagine ceramic tiles on the floor—maybe without even realizing it. Ceramic is a popular choice for bathrooms for good reason. The material transcends trends and has proven itself to be a staple in bathroom design.

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Is Ceramic Tile Good for Bathrooms?

Ceramic flooring is an attractive, durable, and versatile choice for bathrooms thanks to its durability, water resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Ceramic tiles are a timeless, classic flooring material that can be used in many areas of the home. Our designers love them for their vast variety of colors and shapes that can be beautifully incorporated into any design style.

But ceramic tiles aren’t only loved for their looks. Thanks to their moisture resistance, this material is an especially popular flooring material for bathrooms.

While other, less moisture-resistant flooring materials are at risk of warping, mold, and other damages in wet areas like bathrooms, ceramic tiles hold strong against steam and water from the shower and sink.

With ceramic tile in your bathroom, you don’t have to decide between gorgeous styles and functionality.

How do I Choose Bathroom Tiles?

Choosing the best bathroom tiles for your space will depend on the size of your room, your personal style, and your priorities when it comes to function and price.

Common Bathroom Tile Materials

The most common bathroom tile materials are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. It is important to understand their different qualities before you choose one for your bathroom.

  • Ceramic: affordable yet high quality, with a range of colors from classic white to hand-painted patterned designs.
  • Porcelain: available in a similar range of colors to ceramic tile, porcelain is denser, more durable, and more costly.
  • Natural stone: the most non-slip option, available in a range of organic, natural colors that are less shiny than ceramic and porcelain tile.

Ceramic floors and wall tiles are an excellent choice for any bathroom. The tiles hold up to significant wear and tear without losing their upscale appearance. Ceramic tile is also extremely simple to clean—all you need is a broom and a mop to keep your tiles shining like new. 

Choosing the Best Bathroom Tile Size

Many people overlook the importance of tile size during their bathroom renovation projects, focusing more on material and color. But the size of your bathroom tile, whether on the floor or on the walls, makes a big difference in the final look of our room.

The best size tiles for your bathroom depends, mostly, on the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it’s typically best to stick away from extra small or extra large tiles for your bathroom floor. Extra small tiles means extra grout lines, which can make the room feel smaller. On the opposite side of the spectrum, extra large tiles can overwhelm the room and make it feel smaller, as well.

Though ceramic tiles are durable, it is possible that cracks may occur over time. Typically, smaller tiles are easier and less costly to replace than large ones.

Whether you choose large or small tiles, or a size in between, ceramic tiles offer a variety of styles to design with. Large tiles give you the feeling of a smooth, sleek surface. Small tiles are ideal for creating fun patterns or adding small pops of color throughout your floor or wall tiles.

Choosing the Best Tile Color for Your Bathroom

Once you’ve determined the best material and size for your bathroom tiles, you can have fun and get creative with the color and placement.

Do you want to keep things minimal, with an understated solid color throughout the room? Are you looking for a playful pattern that will wow guests? Maybe you’d like to make a bold statement in a small powder room. Whatever your style, National Design Mart has ceramic tile options to help make your design dreams a reality.

You can use geometric, irregularly shaped tiles to create a tessellation on your bathroom floor or walls. Sticking to one color helps keep the design from feeling overwhelming, while still adding visual intrigue and playfulness to your room.

If you have a larger bathroom, bringing the room together and creating a cozy feeling can be as easy as installing small floor tiles. Small tiles lend a bit of vintage charm, while the grout lines and small, repeated pattern makes the room feel cohesive. You can even add in a repeated pop of color every few tiles for some added personality.

For a minimalist style bathroom that doesn’t feel cold, choose medium or large ceramic tiles with a subtle neutral color. The color does not necessarily need to be solid, though—if you stick to a neutral, subtle swirls in the tile can be attractive and warm without losing the minimalist look.

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