Quartz Countertops

Shop National Design Mart for high quality quartz countertops in many styles, colors and patterns – including flecks, swirls and compelling patterns.

Quartz counters are a great countertop choice that is stronger than granite or marble because it is an engineered fusion of quartz stone with resin binder and color.

National Design Mart experts will help you find the quartz style and color that fits your home. Plus, our state-of-the-art custom quartz countertop cutting technology assures a great fit in your home.

Many Colors and Patterns of Quartz

Berber Carpet
Plush Carpet and Texture Carpet
Frieze Carpet and Twist Carpet
Pattern Carpet and Loop Carpet

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May the Quartz Be with You

These tips and articles from our experts will inform you on how quartz is engineered, why it is so durable and how to choose the look that best complements your kitchen or bathroom.

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Don't just make your kitchen a unique design – find the unique design that's all YOURS. You are free to think outside of the box with your kitchen design, so don't feel confined to a cookie cutter look. Get inspired by these unique kitchen trends and...

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Countertops 101: Choosing the Right Material

Not sure which solid surface to choose for your countertops? If you aren’t aware of the different benefits of stone surfaces it could be very difficult to pick the surface material that’s best for your home. Quartz, Granite and Marble are the three...

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10 Tips for Designing Small Spaces

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Comes See the Countertops

Check out our great selection of quartz counters, an awesome alternate to granite and marble.

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