National Granite Luxuries™

Premium Granite Countertops for Kitchen and Bath.

Want to improve the look of your kitchen? Is your bathroom counter showing its age? Granite Luxuries™ will add elegance to your kitchen or bathroom with its rare combination of luxury and affordability…found only at National Design Mart!

Save steps and save money!

Before we introduced National Granite Luxuries™ to northeast Ohio, you probably took many steps from start-to-finish. First, you chose a slab, then the granite slab was shipped to a fabrication shops, then it was cut, and finally shipped to the store or your home.

Not anymore.

National Design Mart eliminates those steps with our own in-house fabrication services. All you do is visit National Design Mart, choose the granite slab that meets your style needs, we cut it and you’re done – all in one location!

Parquet Hardwood Flooring

The Largest Selection of Granite

Stop in National Design mart and our experts will help you select the best granite or stone countertops for your residential or commercial use. Imported from all over the world including Brazil, Finland and Italy, we offer a large variety of quality National Granite Luxuries stone to choose from, in over 80 beautiful colors.

Placed in a climate-controlled environment to ensure it never endures the weather, we provide the absolute best care of our Granite Luxuries products. In addition to offering quality, durable countertops, we guarantee you will not find a lower price in the Medina, Akron, or Cleveland market. If you do happen to find a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll match it!


Shop our selection of high-quality quartz countertops in many styles, colors and patterns, at wholesale direct pricing. One of the earth’s strongest materials, quartz is a durable choice, engineered from a fusion of quartz stone with resin binder and color.

Get inspired by the different bold patterns, intricate swirls and interesting flecks in our wide selection of quartz stone, then talk to our experts about selecting the best options for your budget and your residential or commercial needs.

Strip Hardwood Flooring
Strip Hardwood Flooring

Best Brands of Countertops

Bring to life your ideas with our industry-leading brands and installation experts who will guide you through the selection process and make sure your finished product looks great and is installed properly.

In a variety of colors and finishes–like brushed and polished–from industry leaders like Cambria, Mont, Daltile, Caeserstone and our exclusive National Granite Luxuries, we offer countertops that look great in any space, from traditional stylings to contemporary décor. Depending on the types of crystals in the granite and other stone, our countertops range in unique colors, swirls and patterns, creating eye-catching focal points in any room.


Breathe new life into your home’s kitchen or master bath with Cambria’s beautiful designs made of 93% pure, natural quartz. With excellent durability and easy care, you can have exquisite looking countertops that last for decades.

This family-owned, American-made company offers more than 130 beautiful designs with new ones regularly introduced – so you can be the first person you know with your chosen color or design! Stop in National Design Mart to see the intricate patterns in person.

Durable, Beautiful Options at Great Prices

At National Carpet Mill Outlet we offer beautiful, durable and easy-to-maintain countertops in granite and other materials that come in a wide range of colors and styles – sure to enhance the beauty of your kitchen, bathroom and beyond! With manufacturer-direct pricing and unbeatable deals, we can get you the look you want without breaking the bank.

Wholesale Pricing, High Quality Finished Product

We offer wholesale pricing so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal–and countertop–for your residential or commercial needs. Using expert measuring and state-of-the-art custom countertop cutting technology, our expert installers make sure your installation is precise and great looking.

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Get Started with Your Home Transformation Today!

Visit National Design Mart in Medina to see our wide selection of in-stock, wholesale-priced granite countertops.

National Design Mart

National Design Mart in Medina

Visit us in store, contact us here or call 330-721-1914.

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Granite Countertops FAQs

What kind of maintenance will my granite countertops require?

Virtually None! The only maintenance required will be to seal the countertops every six months. We also have a product that seals countertops for 15 years. The 15-year sealer comes with a guarantee that if your countertops develop a stain, Dupont will either fix it or buy you new countertops.
It takes longer to clean a countertop than to seal it.

How hard is it to seal my countertops?

For our in-house sealer:

  • Clean and remove all debris from countertop
  • With a paper towel, spread the sealer around, making sure to cover the surface and edges until they look wet.
  • Pour more sealer on the countertop as needed.
  • Let your countertop air dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If you see any wet sealer, take another paper towel and soak up the excess.
  • If you see any haziness, go over that spot with fine steel wool until removed.
  • We also provide professional cleaning and sealing of your countertops for $50.00 per application. We will also check for and fix any chips that may have occurred over normal use
Will I see my seam?

Yes, we have some of the best craftsmen in the area, but you will always see and feel your seam.

Will I have a grain change at my seam?

You may have a grain change at your seam. It all depends on the kitchen shape and the stone type chosen. It is perfectly acceptable to have a grain change on your seam and most “L” and “U” shaped kitchens have them.

Will I be able to lay out my templates?

Yes, we offer this service to our customers at our granite store. It is a great way for you to see what your countertops will look like. This is also a great time to get more of the desired pattern in prominent areas of your project. This eliminates any surprises during installation.

What should I use to clean my countertops?

Clean with any kind of cleaner that does not contain ammonia, bleach, citric acid, or any other kind of harsh chemicals. These chemicals will not hurt the stone but will strip away the sealer and leave the stone unprotected from staining.

Mild soap can be used to safely clean stone countertops. Feel free to call us or visit our showroom to purchase approved cleaning products.

Can I cut on my granite countertops?

Yes, but it will ruin your knife. Granite is harder than metal. You may notice some silver streaks in your granite after cutting. These are particles from your knife embedding in your granite. The silver streaks can be removed with a polishing compound and steel wool.

Can I take something out of the oven and put it directly on my countertops?

Yes. Unlike many manmade products that have epoxies and resins, granite is an all-natural product that will not melt.

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