With the rise in popularity of different types of stone countertops and a wide array of styles and finishes now available, homeowners have more great choices than ever for countertops. Whether you’re adding style and function to a kitchen with new countertops or are interested in heightening the design on a bath or other space, take a look at some of the countertops trends we’re loving – and that we expect to see for years to come.

1. Low Maintenance Quartz

Low maintenance quartz has become the countertop material of choice for many homeowners, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Quartz is non-porous which means it does not have to go through regular re-sealing like is true for granite and marble and is one of the most hygienic countertop options. It is also a highly durable choice, resistant to scratches, stains, and heat! With styles that mimic the look of natural stone, quartz countertops are engineered from generally 90% ground quartz and 10% resin and other materials (like pigments) – Quartz is now available on the market in many attractive colors, patterns, and finishing techniques.

2. Eye-Catching Veining & Patterns

Veining and other eye-catching patterns are now more popular than ever. With natural veining looks and slabs featuring high-contrast veining, inlaid semiprecious stones and more on the market, the round particulate pattern of granite isn’t as in demand and is once was. Unique veining and patterns add character to the kitchen – and with the versaility of quartz, also mimic natural stone. Make a bold statement, create a focal point in your space, or opt for a more subtle, laid-back option, with the expansive choices on the market you are sure to find your dream look!

3. Different Textures

While polished countertops are still a popular choice, there are textured and tactile finishes available that are becoming more sought after by homeowners. Whether you prefer the matte, low-sheen finish of honed countertops or the soft sheen and tactile feel of leathered countertops (pictured), both options offer benefits that make them a great option for busy kitchens. Honed countertops’ lack of shine conceals flaws and scratch marks and provide a natural look and feel. Also increasingly popular in recent years, leathered countertops retain the stone’s natural color and hides fingerprints, smudges and water spots.

4. Laid-Back Neutral Colors

While high-contrast, bright color options are always a well-liked choice, like crisp white and jet black, neutral tones are also taking a forefront for countertops. Look for soft grays, beiges, off-white, light brown colors and more – with tons of quartz and granite options available for each, you can create a look that’s equal parts stylish and timeless.

5. Mixed Materials

Combining natural stone countertop surfaces with other materials can make for some beautiful pairings. For example, mixing a natural quartz countertop with wood elements like a butcher block kitchen island or stained wood cabinets can make the space feel natural while providing attractive contrast. You can also opt for a shiplap or wood accents in other areas – from accent walls to backsplashes and more. Or, create a more industrial look by combining stone countertops with metal accents or tile featuring a metallic look, like copper colored penny round tile (pictured), iradescent finishes and more.

Do you have a favorite countertop trend? Stop in to our climate-controlled indoor slab yard to explore all of our different quartz and granite countertops – our experts are here to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect slab!

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