DIY Interior Design Tips

#1: Extend Your Backsplash

Add value to your home’s design while enriching the details of your home by extending the backsplash in the kitchen or bath. Cover as much of the wall as the budget allows for an eye-catching tile look! Extending the backsplash from the counter to the ceiling can instantly make a small kitchen or bath feel larger. Choose a bold pattern that’s sure to be a trendsetter for your friends and family, or opt for a timeless look that adds beauty and depth. 

#2: Use The 50/150 Rule

Add color and dimension to your walls, the right way, with the 50/150 rule! For the perfect color family for your walls, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker. This is also a good way to pick colors for striping a wall, adding geometric shapes with paint and more! 

#3: Fake Height

Large mirrors are great for adding scale to a room. Low-profile furniture makes rooms feel taller. Incorporating strong verticals and avoiding horizontal elements in the design also allows for the space to feel larger. Interesting light fixtures also draw the eye upward in any interior design and give the illusion of height. 

#4: Mix It Up 

Try mixing it up with varied patterns and textures! Whether for your walls, furniture, rugs, pillows or beyond, varied colors and patterns can bring warmth and texture into your living space. Choose products to decorate your home that reflect who you are, your personality and your style. Mixing vintage and new furniture is also a great way to great a unique look.

Don’t know where to start with choosing elements for your interior design? National Design Mart offers FREE in-store design services that will help get you off to a running start!

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