The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Design

We all have different styles and tastes that make our interior design unique. You have the freedom to design your spaces however you like – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some basic rules to follow! These do’s and don’ts of home design will help you bring out your personality, while still creating an interior design that best serves your space.

1. Finding Furniture

Don’t try to make your space fit the furniture. If you have a small space, don’t choose oversized furniture. Or if your space is uniquely shaped, don’t try to make a traditional furniture layout work.

Do take into consideration the size, shape and walkways of your space. Get creative to find furniture that’s a perfect fit for your space’s nooks and crannies, without impeding the walking area, to help make your interior design feel more purposeful.

i.e. No one says your have to put a coffee table in front of your couch, especially when end tables might be a better fit and can serve the same purpose!

2. Color and Pattern Choices

Don’t get too matchy-matchy. Just because you chose a particular pattern for a throw pillow, doesn’t mean all of your pillows have to be the same pattern, and your curtains, and your area rugs, and so on… The same goes for your color palette. Overusing a particular color can make your interior design appear like it’s lacking in imagination.

Do mix and match patterns and create a diverse color palette. Choose accent colors patterns that are the same intensity and work to complement each other. For patterns, use at least three in a room and vary the scale to make sure they don’t clash. Distribute these patterns evenly throughout the room to keep your space from looking too busy.

i.e. If you have a bright blue kitchen island, decorating with different shades of the same blue, neutrals and some suble accent colors will make your design pop.

3. Gallery Walls

Don’t rush to buy a bunch of artwork or prints and hang them up as soon as possible for your gallery or collage wall. You probably won’t get the eclectic, creative look you’re aiming for.

Do tie disparate pieces together, through either color schemes or framing. Make your wall look and feel collected with interesting choices and keep your focal pieces at eye level. Make sure the spacing between each piece is even to avoid a messy look.

i.e. Choose varying types and sizes of white frames with simplistic artwork and photos of different styles to create an eye-catching, tasteful gallery wall.

4. Choosing a Style

Don’t follow crazes. They will only be in style for a short time and once they are out of popularity, your interior design will look dated.

Do choose timeless, fashionable looks with a splash of trendy decor. Tasteful choices never go out of style, and help you get the most bang for your buck – which is ideal for couches, cabinets, and other larger ticket items. Trendy styles are better for accent decor that won’t cost a lot to replace once you’re on to the next trend.

i.e. Blush pink is a trendy choice that looks great as an accent color for throw blankets, pillows, and other decor.​

5. Interior Design Planning

Don’t think you have to decorate or renovate your spaces all on your own. Making unguided design decisions or taking on a large DIY project without experience could end up leading to wasted money – and not help you save it, like you intended.

Do seek the advice of the pros when you’re planning your interior design. Our in-store design services at National Design Mart are free and our experts are here to help you from everything from choosing color palettes and products, to planning layouts and scheduling professional installation services.

i.e. Using 3D design software like what our experts use will help you get a better image of what your finished kitchen, bath or other space will look like – before you actually make any purchases.

Ready to apply these design dos and don’ts to your space? Visit our showroom to shop our selection of flooring, countertops, cabinets, furniture, decor and more. Our experts are here to help answer all your design questions – or contact us today for a free in-home measure!

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