Kitchen Floor Ceramic Tiles

When you choose flooring for your kitchen remodel, you will need something that can stand up to moisture and spills, heavy foot traffic, and even dropped items.

At National Design Mart, we love ceramic tiles for kitchen floors because of their durability—plus, they look fantastic year after year. With such a wide selection in our 150,000 square foot showroom, it has never been easier to find kitchen ceramic tiles that fit your personal design style.

You can keep it simple with white ceramic tiles, or choose a bold color for your kitchen ceramic tile floor design. No matter what your style is, ceramic kitchen flooring will stay beautiful and hassle-free for years to come.

What is the Best Tile to Use for a Kitchen Floor?

The top choice for any kitchen flooring is durable, water-resistant ceramic tile. Its benefits are welcome in any room, but are especially great in the kitchen where spills and ear and tear are common.


It is extremely difficult to crack kitchen ceramic tiles, especially if they are installed well, by experts. Ceramic itself is an incredibly strong material. Ceramic pottery can last for centuries before archaeologists discover it, often in mint condition.

A quality ceramic tile installation can last for hundreds of years, with proper maintenance. At National Design Mart, we provide that expert installation, so you can enjoy your kitchen flooring with the knowledge that it will last a lifetime.

Simple Maintenance

Don’t worry—the proper maintenance for ceramic tile will not become a part-time job. Since ceramic is water-resistant, spills and dirt rest on the surface, ready to be wiped up and easily absorbed by a sponge, mop, or towel.

To keep the floor of loose debris and dirt, regular sweeping with a broom or vacuum is enough to do the trick.

If you ceramic kitchen floor does become stained, you won’t need a specialty cleaner to remove it—common cleaners are safe to use on ceramic tile.


At National Design Mart, we offer ceramic at a broad range of affordable prices, so you can renovate the kitchen you’ve always wanted with the budget you have available now. We offer ceramic flooring options for everyone, any budget.

A World of Design Options

When you choose ceramic tile for your kitchen flooring, you are not narrowed to one design style. Ceramic tiles come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and styles. And with National Design Mart’s broad selection of tile from the best manufacturers, you will not have to look long or hard to find the tile that matches the vision in your mind.

Other Kitchen Flooring Options

Other common flooring options for kitchens include porcelain tile and stone flooring.

Porcelain tile can be found in a range of colors and sizes similar to ceramic. However, it is more difficult and costly to install, on top of a pricier base cost. Porcelain and tile are similarly composed, but porcelain has sand added to the clay and is produced with heat. This makes for a tile that is denser and slightly more durable than ceramic, making it a popular choice for outdoor spaces.

Stone floor tiles include tiles made from slate, granite, limestone, travertine, marble, and other natural stones. The design options with stone tile tend to be narrower than ceramic and porcelain because they are limited to naturally-occurring stone. Stone tiles are also porous and will need to be refinished with a quality sealant every two to three years.

Is Ceramic Tile Durable for Kitchens?

Ceramic tile is a great choice for kitchens thanks to its durability, water-resistance, and easy maintenance.

The tiles are thin slay slabs that have been fired in an oven until they have hardened. Then, almost always, the tile is covered with a glaze that makes it water-resistant and even more durable for a kitchen environment. And since ceramic is easy to wipe or sweep clean, your kitchen will stay pristine and germ-free with very little effort.

Which Ceramic Tile is Good for Kitchen Floors?

Ceramic tile is rated based on hardness, with zero being the softest, and five being the hardest.

Scores of zero through two are best used in kitchen backsplashes, where they won’t be walked on or face dropped objects. For residential kitchens, a hardness rating of three is great for kitchen floor tile. Four and five ratings are considered hard enough for commercial applications, and will hold up even better in a home kitchen.

For the best water-resistance, you will also want to be sure to choose tiles that have been glazed and sealed against moisture. This is the case for most ceramic tiles, but some varieties and styles come unglazed.

Are Ceramic Kitchen Floors Easy to Clean?

Cleaning ceramic kitchen floor tiles is as easy as wiping up loose debris and mopping with mild detergent.

To keep tiles from getting dull and to keep your kitchen germ- and dirt-free, ceramic tile should simply be swept or vacuumed regularly. Sand and dust can easily be wiped off the surface to reveal a kitchen tile that’s like new.

Every so often, you may also want to mop your tile with a mild detergent and chamois-type mop to polish and shine the tile. Most commercial cleaners work well on ceramic, making for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Free In-Home Estimate from National Design Mart

If you’re ready to take the next step toward beautiful, durable, hassle-free ceramic kitchen tiles, National Design Mart is here to help.

We will send a team of experts to your home free of cost for a project measure—no strings attached!

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