Fresh Savings on Versatile Flooring

With April showers just around the corner, it’s time to get your home ready for the influx of muddy rain boots and wet paws with great deals on waterproof flooring! Shop National Design Mart this month for fresh savings on waterproof luxury vinyl flooring from top brands. Now only is this flooring durable and resistant, it is also a versatile choice for many areas in your home. Learn more about the different rooms where waterproof flooring is an ideal choice!

1. In the Kitchen

From spills and splashes while you cook to family (and their dirty shoes) constantly coming in and out, you need kitchen flooring that is not only great looking but also has the performance to match. While ceramic and porcelain tile flooring is also waterproof, waterproof vinyl is actually more resilient, scratch resistant and comfortable underfoot. Plus, with realistic wood- and tile-look vinyl flooring options, you can choose from a large selection of vinyl flooring products and only spend a fraction of the cost of tile.

Pictured: Mannington ADURA®Max Sundance Luxury Vinyl Plank in Saddle

2. Bathroom Flooring

From the shower to the sink and beyond, bathrooms are obiously a place where water can be an issue. While many flooring options might boast the waterproof performance that you need, many are not as low maintenance as vinyl flooring. With vinyl flooring, all you need is an occasional vacuum and damp mop to keep them looking great. Plus, many vinyl tile options (including the one pictured) feature a textured surface that keeps it from getting slippery for a safer bathroom experience. In addition to flooring, vinyl tile can also be a great solution for wall tile in bathrooms.

Pictured: Mannington ADURA®Max Meridian Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank in Porcelain

3. Entryways & Mudrooms

Innovative technology has allowed luxury vinyl tile flooring to come a long way, not only leading to increased durability, but also eye-catching tile and wood designs that look like the real thing. These great looking options are especially useful for entryways or secondary entrances like mudrooms, which might be the first impression your guests have of your home. Whether rugs just aren’t doing the job to keep your floors clean or you have little ones who forget to take off their shoes when they walk in the door, waterproof vinyl flooring can offer the resistance you need with the style you want!

Pictured: MSI Surfaces Andover™ Abingdale Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank

4. Basement Areas

Whether you have a laundry room in the basement, game room, family room, or another area, you want a flooring solution that offers great performance and is easy to install. With waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, you don’t have to worry about imperfect subfloors. Waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring is a more forgiving material and doesn’t require perfectly even subfloors, so you can likely skip the leveling before your install. Also, unlike with wood or laminate flooring, waterproof vinyl flooring won’t expand or buckle when exposed to the changes in humidity or temperature that are commonplace in basements. 

Pictured: MSI Surfaces Andover™ Blythe Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank

5. High Traffic Areas

From hallways to living rooms, there are plenty of spaces in your home that might be subject to high levels of traffic throughout the day. With waterproof, durable and highly resistant luxury vinyl tile, you don’t have to worry about scratches and dents damaging your flooring or making them unsightly. No matter what type of traffic you’re getting throughout the spaces in your home, waterproof technology means your vinyl flooring will hold up to everyone from playful (sometimes messy) children to four-legged family members – and make for easy clean ups and hassle-free maintenance.

Pictured: Mannington ADURA®Max Aspen Luxury Vinyl Plank in Alpine

Think some of the benfits of waterproof vinyl flooring would be ideal in your home? Stop in to National Design Mart to learn more about our products – our experts are here to help from planning and to installation. Or schedule a free in-home flooring measure today! 

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