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An organized home helps you lead a more organized life. With fall around the corner and a new school year now in session, many of us could benefit from a tad more organization and less clutter in our lives. Not only is finding organizational solutions important for homes with little ones, being more organized can help us save time, reduce stress, and even increase productivity. Spend less time looking for things and start enjoying your spaces more with these helpful organization tips and tricks for different areas of your home.

In the Living Room

  1. Invest in functional furniture – like ottomans and coffee tables with storage for tucking away clutter.
  2. Built in cabinetry solutions are great for custom entertainment centers, keeping all your electronics organized and cords out of sight.
  3. Creating a window storage bench that opens up for hiding away toys, blankets and more helps make the best use of space.
  4. Stackable trunks are stylish and also perfect for tucking away clutter.
  5. Adding a console table behind the couch can serve as extra places for storage bins and photo frames without taking up a lot of extra space.
  6. Decrease clutter while still displaying decorative blankets with a DIY blanket ladder (pictured below).
  7. Decorate a wood crate to make a personalized box for tucking away pet toys when guests arrive.
  8. Opt for attractive, easy-to-access remote storage by utilizing a wooden caddy or decorative tray.


In the Kitchen

  1. A hanging shoe organizer makes a great back-of-the-door pantry solution for keeping snacks and other cooking essentials tidy.
  2. Mazagine holders turned on their side are great for storing canned goods.
  3. Lazy susans are for more than corner cabinets – stainless steel or plastic lazy susan organizers are also great for spices, refrigerator organization and more.
  4. Keep your cooking sheets organized and upright by installing tension rods in your cabinet (pictured below).
  5. Hanging pot racks can help save major cabinet space. Options include over-the-range, ceiling racks, and wall-mounted racks.
  6. Creating a designated coffee station with a kitchen cart or compact shelving will help reduce countertop clutter and keep everything you need in one place.
  7. Get rid of the mess under your sink by investing in some labeled bins for each type of cleaning product.
  8. Install a paper towel rod on the inside of your cupboard door to provide easy access to trash bags on a roll.


In the Bedrooms

  1. The addition of floating shelves can help keep things like knick-knacks and books organized and off of your surfaces.
  2. Utilize under the bed storage space with baskets or roll away bins for extra sheets, bulkier clothing, or shoes.
  3. Drawer organizers and dividers help keep all your items visible and easy to access.
  4. Vertical closet organizers help make the most out of the space in your closet.
  5. Save space in your closet with cascading hanger organizers, or make your own with soda can tabs (pictured below).
  6. Opt for a headboard with storage compartments.
  7. Save space and keep laundry out of sight by using a hanging laundry bin on the inside of your closet or bedroom door.
  8. Make a convenient space for jewelry by affixing hooks to a pegboard or corkboard.


In the Home Office

  1. Ensure everything has a place and eliminate the messy junk drawer with drawer organizers.
  2. Declutter work surfaces by utilizing labeled storage bins and installing shelving to display them.
  3. Display books in one location and organize by color, genre, or alphabetically (pictured below).
  4. Invest in cord organizers to keep cords tidy and tucked away, or make your own – try affixing binder clips to the back of your desk to fish cords through.
  5. Organize photos by sorting them into categories that can be placed in labeled boxes for easy access.
  6. Create a mail station for sorting incoming and outgoing mail, bills and more with a section for every family member.
  7. If you have a wireless printer, it doesn’t need to take up space on your desk. Create a designated printing area on a book shelf or other area for your printer and supplies.
  8. For impotant paperwork and documents, determine a color coded filing system.


In the Bathroom

  1. Create bathroom appliance storage with file boxes and affix to the side of your vanity with Command™ hooks for easy access to hair dryers and more (pictured below).
  2. Get the most of your space and use all areas, including the top of your toilet tank – a storage bin or tray can be a great addition for easy access to items.
  3. Ladder shelves or over-the-toilet racks also help make the most of this space.
  4. Tiered stands are perfect for storage of makeup, toiletries and more, helping to declutter your countertops.
  5. Maximize your medicine cabinet storage by building shallow shelving behind a full length mirror.
  6. Wall wine racks also make great spaces to tuck away rolled towels.
  7. Hang baskets on the wall for stylish, space-saving extra storage.
  8. For your drawers, use plastic dividers to keep bathroom items organized by type.

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