4 Tips for Family-Friendly Design

#1: Don’t Wait to Decorate

Many families with young children feel like they have to hold off on decorating their homes until their children are older. The fear is that your kids (or fur children) will destroy anything you try to buy – but with all of the kid-friendly flooring and design options that are available now, you can incorporate clean lines and attractive decor while keeping your family’s home casual, comfortable and low-maintenance. 

Redecorating could actually be a fun project for your whole family! Get little ones involved in the process by having them help pick out color swatches for paint, flooring or fabric or get their input on that dining room table or other furniture you’ve been thinking about. Giving children that bit of ownership will not only make the process a lot more fun for them, but it will also instill a sense of respect for what you’re creating together.

#2: Preparation is Key

With innovative products being created and improved upon every day, the options for family-friendly flooring and furniture is ever-expanding. When shopping for furniture, materials like leather and microfiber that clean up easily are a great choice. If you opt for a different fabric to replace your old, stained couch, look at your current one – opt for the color that blends with the stains you’ve already acquired!

With a busy household, especially with children and pets, flooring that is built for the task will save you money and stay looking great for longer. Stain resistant carpet from Mohawk, Shaw, Dream Weaver and more quality manufacturers are a great choice. Or, if you need flooring for an area that needs to hold up to high traffic and wet areas, luxury vinyl and water-proof laminate are a durable choice. Pictured: Armstrong Flooring, Vivero™ Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Dark Chocolate.

#3: Savvy Storage Solutions

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, family room, or other space in your home, there are tons of savvy storage solutions you can build that tuck away your items and keep them out of your children’s reach. Hiding cords with on-wall cord concealers and having all electronics wired to a single entertainment center, cabinets, or other storage solution is not only practical for ensuring safety, but it also keeps adults’ lives hassle-free.

Your design doesn’t have to look “kid-friendly” either – with modern to traditional style cabinet designs that feature out-of-reach areas for displaying your art, collectibles other decor items, savvy storage is a practical, attractive solution. Pictured: Omega Cabinetry entertainment wall, Kentwood in Maple Oyster finish.

#4: Give Kids Their Own Space

Organizing your kid’s clutter in other areas of your home and preparing for life’s daily messes with kid-friendly flooring can only go so far – kids need their own space for their crafts, projects, play and whatever else they can imagine! Even if you don’t have space in your home for a designated playroom, making their bedroom a zone for creativity helps keep the rest of your home a whole lot tidier. Ask your child to help with the design by asking about their favorite colors, themes and more to create a space that is uniquely their own!

Opt for stain-resistant carpeting in these spaces so that spills and other messes don’t stick around, but kids also have a plush area perfect for playing. Pictured: SmartStrand carpet by Mohawk Flooring in a neutral gray and brightly patterned Mohawk Home area rug. A perfect choice for busy families and areas where crafts are commonplace, SmartStrand has built-in stain and soil repellent that never washes or wears off!

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