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Shop National Design Mart for the area’s best choices in vinyl flooring – a great value solution that gives an entirely new look to any room in your home. 

Vinyl tile is a versatile, budget-friendly flooring choice that comes in several easy to install options from top brands, including tongue and groove vinyl plank, adhesive vinyl tile and vinyl sheet.

Many of the vinyl flooring choices we offer resist heat and sunlight, keep their shape, and remain stable in all seasons and temperatures. Our vinyl flooring’s water resistance is great for use in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, playrooms and other high traffic areas.

Install it yourself or enjoy our full installation services. Either way, you’ll find the best service, helpful information, and the area’s biggest selection of luxury vinyl tile flooring at National Design Mart.

National Design Mart carries the following brands of vinyl flooring:

Vinyl Types

Vinyl Plank 

Available in a wide range of wood- and stone- looks to compliment all interior living spaces, vinyl plank technology has evolved from its origins to offer designs and textures that are more realistic than ever. From floating vinyl plank flooring to tongue and groove varieties that feature click-lock installation, vinyl plank is easy to install and delivers great rigidity and strength. 

Advantages of vinyl plank: 

  • Provides the look of hardwood or stone at a more affordable price
  • Can be installed over existing surfaces including concrete, tile, wood and vinyl 
  • Attached underlayment minimizes sound, absorbs shocks and enhances comfort
  • Available in waterproof varieties great for bathrooms, mudrooms and kitchens
  • Also ideal for basements and high-traffic areas


Vinyl Tile

Peel and stick vinyl tile is available in both square tile and plank options in a large variety of colors and designs. Their adhesive backing makes them quick and easy to install – a convenient choice for DIY projects, even in small areas. Plus, if any tiles are damaged down the road, you can easily remove and replace these adhesive tiles. 

Advantages of vinyl tile:

  • A cost-effective flooring solution
  • This moisture-resistant product is great for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Appropriate for both residential and commercial uses 
  • Features low-gloss texture finish that is easy to clean and maintain


Vinyl Sheet

Available in expansive colors and designs, vinyl sheet flooring is typically sold in rolls that measure 6 or 12 feet wide. Since the design isn’t limited to repeating smaller patterns like with vinyl planks and tiles, vinyl sheet flooring allows for a greater range of large format designs or images. 

Advantages of sheet vinyl:


  • Typically the most affordable vinyl flooring type
  • Features a fiberglass core that will not crack, curl, expand or contract
  • Provides resistance to moisture
  • Can be installed anywhere in the home, including high-moisture and traffic areas

Wear Surfaces

Vinyl No-Wax 

This entry-level surface offers some resistance to scuffs and stains. However, this surface lacks the durability that is required to ensure it holds up in high traffic areas. This type also requires a higher level of maintenance, including regular washing and occasional polishing to restore the gloss.

Urethane (PVC)

Compared to vinyl no-wax surfaces, urethane vinyl tile retains its new appearance much longer because this surface is more durable. This upgraded surface also requires less maintenance, staying shiny without polishing or buffing, and more resistance to scuffs, scrapes, stains and household chemicals.

Enhanced Urethane 

Vinyl flooring is offered in several levels of enhanced urethane. This type of surface provides the greatest durability and resistance to scuffs, scrapes, and stains. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping is all that’s needed to maintain these floors. This surface type also retains its shine the longest.

Common Vinyl Installation Types 

Before you begin the installation of any vinyl flooring type, you must first remove the room’s baseboards and molding to ensure that the flooring has accurate, secure fit. Ensure your subfloor is smooth, dry, clean and dust-free before you begin installation. Dips and uneven surfaces will affect the look and function of your new vinyl flooring. If you are using peel and stick vinyl, it will not be able to properly adhere to a dirty or waxed surface. Keep reading to learn about the proper methods for placing and securing the most common types of vinyl flooring.

Tongue and Groove

For tongue and groove vinyl planks, work from left to right in your space with the first plank in the corner of the room. Ensure there is a ⅜” expansion gap from the wall. As you lay planks, add spacers around the edges every few feet to maintain this gap. Complete the first row by interlocking the tongue and groove connectors and aligning the seams. Tap the planks into a locked position with a tapping block and rubber mallet. When you come up to a wall or other object that you need to cut around, measure the space and mark on the plank with a t-square where you need to cut. There are several different ways to cut vinyl planks – check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what the product you’re installing requires. Cutting methods include scoring and snapping, or using a tile saw or circular saw. Continue moving down the room ensuring that the planks are interlocked and all the seams have a tight fit.

Peel and Stick

Before you peel the backing from your peel and stick vinyl tile and get to work laying the flooring, first determine the pattern of your tiles. Follow the arrow on the backing to set them in the correct direction and determine if you want them staggered or in a linear layout on your floor. Then, beginning with a corner tile, slowly peel off the backing sheet and firmly place the adhesive tile onto the surface. Continue this process for the entire row. When you reach a wall or another object you need to fit around, use a t-square and a utility knife or snips to cut your vinyl tile to the correct dimensions. 

Sheet Vinyl 

One of the easiest types of vinyl to install is sheet vinyl. Once you unroll the vinyl sheet, use a utility knife and a ruler to cut the vinyl to fit the edges of the room and around any objects. To secure the flooring in place, sheet vinyl flooring requires an adhesive. A full-bond floor will need adhesive applied to the entire surface area, whereas a perimeter-bond floor will only need to be secured around the edges of the room and at seams. After laying your adhesive, carefully lay the vinyl sheet back in place and press firmly to form a secure bond.

Think vinyl flooring could be the right choice for your space? Whether you have a type or style in mind, or want to learn more about the available products before you make a choice, our experts are here to help! From free in-store design planning and in-home measure to quality installation services, National Design Mart will ensure your new vinyl flooring project is hassle-free and that you’re happy with your new floors.

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