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If you’re looking for a quality selection of granite slabs near you, stop by National Design Mart in Medina for the area’s best selection of granite slabs and countertops! 

Granite Slabs & Granite Countertops

From attractive colors and mineral flecks that create eye-catching interest to durable quality that stays looking great for years to come, granite is a popular choice for kitchens, baths and beyond. Granite countertops add value to your home and create the look you want with the performance to match it – and at National Design Mart you can add value to your home for less with wholesale and discounted prices on beautiful granite slabs.

Come Tour National’s Granite Slab House

Choose from a selection of quality National Granite Luxuries stone countertops when you tour our selection of granite and other stones! Our indoor climate-controlled slab room is stocked with a large selection of quality granite imported from countries all over the world in a wide range of colors and mineral combinations.

Many Colors and Patterns of Granite

Berber Carpet
Plush Carpet and Texture Carpet
Frieze Carpet and Twist Carpet
Pattern Carpet and Loop Carpet

Excellent Selection of Granite Slabs

Our granite slabs for sale offer the best variety of colors and the highest level of quality, perfect for commercial or residential use. Since all of our granite slabs and other stone slabs are placed in a climate-controlled environment, they do not have to withstand any weathering and come to you in the best condition.

We offer a selection of over 80 countertop colors ranging from interesting mixtures of patterns and colors to clean white granite slabs! Stop in to see for yourself how you can complement your interior style with one of our granite designs. Just select your ideal stone and once our experts have the correct dimensions, the granite slab will be cut and polished on site.  

Masterful Granite Installation

Our slab room is a one-stop-shop – our experts first help you choose the granite you want. You can work with our in-store design experts to create a 3-D image of your kitchen, bath or other space and create the countertop layout and color scheme that will work best in your space. Customers get a good visualization for their countertop install before the project is moved along further and completed.

We provide precision measuring to ensure a quality fit and then cut the granite slab of choice or other stone on site. Our installers then set up a time that works best to come to your home or business and perform a quality granite install.

The Advantages of Granite

Unlike man-made quartz countertops, granite countertops are a one-of-a-kind, natural surface that offer a unique richness and character to any space and elevate its design. Granite slabs have been a popular choice for years, and help increase and maintain the value to your home. In addition to their great looks and value-adding characteristics, granite’s hardness makes it not susceptible to scratches.

While it will dull knife blades, so cutting directly on the surface is not advised, granite slabs will take normal wear and tear very well and are great for busy kitchens. When properly sealed, granite is also non-porous, making it a sanitary workspace for chefs and homeowners alike. Granite is formed by heat and pressure so it can withstand everything from the heat of a pot or pan to the sharpness of a blade and will never fade.


Caring for your Granite Slab

Granite slabs are simple to care for but should be cleaned on a regular basis with warm water and a mild detergent. When it’s expertly installed and properly sealed and maintained, you can expect to enjoy the beauty of granite for a lifetime.

Sealing your granite slab’s surface once a year with a water-based sealer and wiping up any spills immediately helps extend the life and look of your granite. Avoid using vinegar, lemon juice, or acidic cleaners on your stone, as well as abrasive cleaners such as dry cleaners or soft cleaners. Learn more about caring for your granite slab.

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