Bella Cera

Explore National Design Mart’s selection of Bella Cera Hand Carved Plank and choose long-lasting sustainability that enriches the visual aesthetic of any space. 

Bella Cera’s hardwood manufacturing is rooted in quality and durability, with hand-scraping, dual-hand staining processes, and featuring 7 cross-hatched layers of real wood for its engineered core. Find the color, style and design that is perfect for your space at National!

True Hand Scraping

Bella Cera has a unique process of examining each piece of wood to make sure that the right tools and techniques are used to bring out the one-of-a-kind character of each plank, adding to its beauty that lasts for years to come. Other manufacturers may employ massed produced methods which give off the appearance of identical scraping on every board. This process makes the flooring look overly uniform look and doesn’t satisfy the rustic, distressed look that many people love.


Dual-Hand Staining

Other manufacturers often use machines to mass spray planks just once to add stain. Unlike these companies, Bella Cera hand applies two coats of stain by brush which add depth to the colors and undertones, heightening the natural grain and creating an eye-catching finish. This finish looks more natural than its machine sprayed counterpart and integrates seamlessly into any interior design. Pictured is Bella Cera’s artisan dual hand stained Mixed-Width Engineered Hardwood Flooring from the Amalfi Collection in Hickory.

Bella Cera’s Wood Core

Ultra durable, and green too! Bella Cera uses 7 cross-hatched layers of real wood as their engineered core to create strength and protect its consumers from materials that aren’t environmentally friendly. This means Bella Cera hardwood products are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), meet E1 standards, and even surpass California’s CARB regulations! Whereas other engineering flooring could be comprised of HDF cores, which are made by compressing paper and sawdust and holding it together with harmful formaldehyde containing glues. Bella Cera’s Oil-Finished Hardwood Flooring from La Palazzina Collection in French Oak (pictured) features 100% premium natural oil, free of VOCs and solvents.

Eye-Catching Collections

From aged French Oak and Smoky Earthy Tones to unique Snake Skin Saw Mark looks and brushed textures, the options are endless with Bella Cera Hand Carved Plank. Two-toned finishes are also a great way to bring to life any interior decorating vision while tying in different colors in your color palette. Pictured is a two-tone hardwood option from Bella Cera’s Bergamo Collection in Dusk that combines tones of light gray and soft brown for a unique, rustic look.

National Design Mart offers unbeatable deals and expert guidance on hardwood flooring solutions that are right for your residential or commercial application. Stop in to discuss how Bella Cera’s collections of hand scraped wood plank can bring your space to life – in the meantime, check out more of Bella Cera’s beautiful products.

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