Mont Surfaces

Shop National Design Mart’s selection of Mont® products and discover premier natural stone, porcelain, quartz and recycled glass are countertops, islands, bar tops, table tops, backsplashes, and flooring.

Mont® creates beautiful, high-quality, fine surfaces.

Mont® surfaces are strong, easy to clean, sanitary, heat and water-resistant. Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, choose Mont® for more color variations and style choices. If the aesthetic benefit wasn’t enough, Mont® granite and natural stone, porcelain, quartz and recycled glass add to the value of a home.

Design Your Kitchen with Mont®

Shop National Design Mart for natural stone, porcelain, quartz and recycled glass from Mont® – all excellent choices for your kitchen.

From Pets to Posh

Personalize Your Bath with Mont®

Mont® offers a wide variety of surfaces, shapes, colors, and textures for your bath design.

Great for your Bar and Rec Room

Now you can call it your “Mont”-cave! Natural stone, porcelain, quartz and recycled glass bar tops offer significant advantages over traditional wood or other manufactured materials as a bar topper. Plus natural stone, porcelain, quartz and recycled glass offer the same advantages to a bar as they do to a kitchen. These fine surfaces are strong, easy to clean, heat and water-resistant and sanitary. They’re also available in a vast array of colors, movement and texture to match any decor.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

Mont® is Excellent for Outdoor Applications

Granite and porcelain requires such little maintenance – they are ideal for use in outdoor areas. Beautiful and durable,  they can be used as vertical cladding for outdoor kitchens, bar top areas, seating spaces or building facades. Mont® granite and porcelain work well outdoors and withstand easily inclement outdoor conditions and emerge looking brand new – with very little maintenance.

Fireplace Surrounds

Choose Mont® to set the mood you like by turning your fireplace mantle or surround an alluring living room centerpiece with heat-resistant Mont® granite and porcelain. With Mont®, you can turn an ordinary fireplace into a compelling focal point and a warm, welcome gathering place for your family and friends.

From Pets to Posh
From Pets to Posh

National Design Mart and Mont® – Partners in Quality and Style

Mont® choose only the best showrooms as partners for their world-class surfaces. Shop National Design Mart.

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