Colorful Kitchen Designs for Every Home

We have nothing against neutral kitchen designs, and we love the classic look of white subway tile, natural stone countertops and stainless steel appliances, but we think colorful kitchen ideas are a great way to add life to your cooking space! Jewel-tone color palettes, eye-catching tile, and colorful cabinetry are all great ways to put a vibrant, personal twist on your home’s kitchen. From full renovations to easy additions of cherry-picked accessories, we love the ways color was incorporated into these designs!

1. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Put your own spin on the farmhouse kitchen look by adding bright, colorful accents to liven up a mostly neutral or white cooking space. 

2. Mellow Yellow

These espresso-stained wood cabinets provide a dark backdrop that balances nicely with this kitchen’s yellow island and mellows it down a notch. 

3. Shades of Blue

Use two shades of the same color to add depth and cohesiveness to a colorful kitchen design. In this kitchen design, these shades of blue work to ground the high-ceilinged space and tie together the dark wood of the island and light wall colors. 

4. MIx & Match Tile

Add unexpected character to your kitchen by mixing and matching colorful tile. This design is complemented by two different patterns of backsplash which tie into the color palette of the space.


5. Keep It Cool

Create a laid back vibe in your kitchen by mixing cool shades. Shades of blue, green and white work together to create an interesting color palette that gives this space a cool, retro feel.

6. Colorful Countertops

Add drama to a neutral design or complete your colorful kitchen with countertops. We’ve all seen shades of brown, beige, and other neutral colors used commonly in kitchen designs, but try mixing it up with a unique, colorful choice like these contemporary blue quartz countertops!

7. A Touch of Color

Don’t think you have to break the bank to add vibrancy to your kitchen design. Use accents of your favorite hue or a pop of color that adds drama (like red or yellow) and complements your existing color palette.

Inspired by these colorful designs and ready to liven up your home’s kitchen design? Our in-store designers are here to help you complete your project from the perfect color palette to the best product choices.

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