Save on Home Renovations with These 5 Budget Hacks

1. Start with a Design Plan

The first key to keeping your home renovation costs down is to have a clear plan for what you’re doing before your project starts. Going into a project blind and purchasing the materials as you go can make your costs skyrocket. Get the expert advice of a home designer to map out a floor plan using 3D technology so that you can visualize all of the elements in the space you’re renovating. Determining how factors like layout and existing electrical wiring and plumbing can affect or limit the parameters of your project is important for preventing potential issues and saving money down the road. What are you envisioning? From keeping the same kitchen layout to knocking down walls for your design, starting with a thorough plan helps you anticipate material and labor costs – before they hit your wallet.

2. Work with What You Already Have

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to give your home a new look. If you can get away with it, instead of replacing an old bath vanity, a fresh coat of paint works well to switch up and modernize the look. Or add shiny new hardware to vanities or cabinets to instantly give them a whole new look, without spending much money. Instead of replacing original crown molding or wall-to-wall room paneling, give them a fresh coat of white paint and save major money. Hardwood is a top priority for many homebuyers – If your home has original hardwood floors, sanding down and refinishing them can help reserve some space in your budget for more improvements.

3. Buy Granite Remnants

If you’re renovating a home for re-sell or for your family on a tight budget, you might see the price tag on granite countertops and pass. You think you’ll have to settle for laminate or another inexpensive countertop solution, but you’re wrong! Granite remnants that are leftover from larger jobs are too small to use for an entire kitchen, but they could work great for your application! If you only need a granite for kitchen island top, bath vanity or another small area, purchasing granite remnant pieces can save you money and give you the look you want.

4. Save on Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are a feature that most buyers want in their new home, so upgrading appliances is a major factor for homeowners trying to sell. Even if you aren’t putting your home on the market, replacing outdated or dingy appliances gives your kitchen an instant facelift. If you’re planning on buying several new appliances at once, ask the store you’re buying from if they can give you a bundle discount, which many places are willing to do. Or if you want to save even more, try looking for stores that offer “Scratch & Dent” appliances for a discounted price. If you aren’t worried about a couple minor scratches and dents, this is a great money saving option!

5. Mix High and Low End Materials

Finding a balance between high end and low end materials for your renovation can help you stick to a tight budget while also attaining the new style you’ve envisioned. For example, if you know you want hardwood floors in your kitchen but also need new cabinets, sticking to a pre-fab cabinet design can help you free up money to splurge on quality hardwood flooring.

Or maybe you want new appliances and a completely new kitchen layout, but won’t be able to fit premium flooring in your budget. Opt for laminate or vinyl flooring options that are a fraction of the cost of hardwood or tile but still have the appearance and functionality you want in your home. Determine the features of your space that are most important to you and which focal points you want to shine, then focus on high end materials or more costly customization options only in these areas. For everything else, no one will notice if you choose the money-saving option!

Tell us about your home renovation idea – In-store design experts at National Design Mart help customers choose options that fit their style and budget. Come in for 3D visualization of your space and expert advice to help you make the best decisions for a successful renovation project!

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