The Best Hardwood Flooring Brands

National Design Mart carries some of the top brands for hardwood flooring. Learn about these brands and the advantages of what they offer.

If you’re in the process of sifting through hardwood flooring options for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it’s likely you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Real wood in the home has such a warm, inviting appeal, but the specifics around selection and flooring installation can be daunting. After all, there are so many flooring brands available to choose from! And each of those brands has options for different species, finishes, and types of hardwood.

Brazillian cherry or oak? Engineered hardwood flooring or a solid wood floor? Wide planks or strip flooring?

National Design Mart is here to help you address these tough questions so you can enjoy the wood floor you’ve been dreaming of.

Below are four of the best hardwood flooring brands, all available at National Design Mart’s 150,000 square foot superstore.

Find Variety Shaw Hardwood Flooring

From Shaw hardwood flooring, you’ll find five hardwood collections full of countless colors, species, textures, and installation methods. So, if you have a unique space that needs flooring, Shaw will likely be your answer.

Shaw Hardwood offers both solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Both are made from real wood, but accommodate different lifestyles, maintenance preferences, and budget needs. In other words: Shaw has the floor for you!

Another thing we love about Shaw hardwood? Its durability and strength. You don’t have to worry about scratching the surface thanks to Anderson Tuftex and Epic Hardwood floors.

Anderson Tuftex Hardwood, which will be discussed further below, features beautiful scrapings and unique character, so your home will have character and resilience built right in.

Epic Hardwood, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the smooth, sleek, shiny style of modern hardwood flooring, without the risk of damage. Epic is durable and impact-resistant, so you can enjoy your floor without fear.

You can browse National Design Mart’s vast collection of Shaw hardwood online, or come visit our showroom for an excellent shopping experience. Either way, we have a feeling you will find a hardwood selection you love.

Globally-Inspired Mannington Hardwood

Mannington Hardwood is your brand if you want global inspiration and beautiful, modern style. Their team of designers searches the globe for the finest flooring and most inspiring natural beauty, then brings it to you through their specially-designed hardwood floors.

Mannington keeps up with the latest home design trends and gives you just what you’re looking for. The gorgeous hardwood flooring you saw on Pinterest—or better—can be yours.

But Mannington flooring isn’t just beautiful. It is also crafted to last, with careful precision and attention to detail. Their flooring is durable and protected with exclusive ScratchResist technology to keep your floor looking newer, longer.

Mannington offers both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. So, whether you want traditional solid planks, or layers of real hardwood engineered together for strength and durability, Mannington will bring beauty and quality to your home.

Hand-Scraped Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Floors

Anderson Tuftex is our go-to flooring brand for anyone who wants a vintage, old-school look in their home. This brand brought hand-scraped flooring back to the market after machines made smooth, reflective wood the most desired hardwood aesthetic.

Hand-scraped wood is crafted with purposefully placed scrapes, scuffs, and marks to make your floor look even more natural and beautiful than typical hardwood.

The hand-scraped style is especially great for older homes, as it allows you to preserve the home’s original character. But don’t worry—the floor still looks incredible with any kind of home design style.

Since hand-scraped wood is designed with wear-and-tear in mind, scratches and scuffs that may accumulate over time from walking, kids, and pets only add to the natural character of the wood.

As the original hand-scraped flooring brand, Anderson Tuftex floors are expertly crafted to give your home charm and durability at once.

Free In-Home Hardwood Flooring Estimate

At National Design Mart, we want you to be completely informed about your flooring project. That’s why we offer a free in-home measure before you ever make a purchase.

Call or contact us today to set up a time for your free in-home measurement and measure from National Design Mart!

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