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Be inspired by our National Design Mart in-store designers. From the basement to the bedrooms, here are tips, trends and ideas to make your living areas more beautiful.

Get Ready for Summer!

This June there's plenty of deals to love at National Design Mart! Shop this month for your new indoor and outdoor summer looks and save – check out our latest offers from the top brands in flooring and furniture like Ashley Outdoor Furniture and Mohawk Flooring....

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Planning Your Outdoor Space

You've worked hard this season to create a front yard with great curb-appeal that shows off your landscaping skills to your neighbors and guests – but don’t stop there! Homeowners often overlook outdoor spaces like backyards, patios, decks, and gardens. Even though...

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Cupid-Inspired Designs

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means we are seeing festive looks just about everywhere – from the grocery store shelves to trending party and home design ideas! So, of course, we also felt the burning desire to share some of our favorite Cupid-inspired...

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DIY Interior Design Tips

#1: Extend Your Backsplash Add value to your home's design while enriching the details of your home by extending the backsplash in the kitchen or bath. Cover as much of the wall as the budget allows for an eye-catching tile look! Extending the backsplash from the...

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